Kingstown is committed to offering the convenience of quality products to meet the needs of our local horse community. We have all the essentials including: supplements, saddle pads, first-aid and grooming supplies, halters, helmets and gloves.

From foals to senior horses, the backyard pony to the thoroughbred race horse; we have the feed to fit your horse’s nutritional needs. Purina Mills: Omolene, Strategy, Impact, Ultium and Equine Senior as well as Wellsolve Low-Starch and Weight Control feeds. Southern States: Triple Crown, Reliance, and Legends feeds. In addition we have beet pulp, wheat bran, rice bran, whole and crimped oats as well as a wide variety of forage substitutes and fat supplements. We also carry mineral and salt blocks.

Our knowledgeable employees are always available to assist you with any horse-related questions and/or special orders. Contact us to schedule a farm visit from an equine specialist for a free nutrition consultation. Contact us at