lawn & garden

Lawn & Garden

Kingstown offers a large variety of items for both lawn and garden. From hoses and rakes to rodent control and weed killer.

We stock a variety of grass seed from Jonathan Green to the economical Kentucky 31. We have Southern States and Espoma (Organic) Feed and Fertilizer programs to help you manage your lawn’s needs throughout the year.

We carry a variety of plant foods including the full line of Espoma products. Our solutions for plant diseases, insect control and animal repellent include: Serenade (Organic Fungicide), Bonide (Organic options available), Liquid Fence and Terro.

We also stock decorative and terra cotta pots, garden statuary, benches, trellises, arbors, timbers for raised beds and a variety of soil conditioners: mulch, top soil, Leaf Gro, humus, manure, vermiculite, perlite, pro-mix, peat moss, Espoma premixed garden and potting soil, as well as Coast of Maine products.

Our knowledgeable employees have many years of experience in lawn care and gardening. Please contact us